iEye Captain Public Beta Known Issues
NEW: You can now click in the iEye Captain Help menu, and iEye Captain will pre-format a bug report email for you.
KNOWN ISSUES (CONFIRMED): (new issues are RED)
MAC OS 10.5 "LEOPARD": Mac OS 10.5 is PARTIALLY supported with iEye Captain Please email the developer with bug reports related to running the app on Leopard.

DIGITAL CHANNELS: there are some issues with digital channels not appearing properly. Don’t worry, and don’t try to change them – they will still function properly in EyeTV for recording. If you can volunteer to help test this, please do.
PROGRAM GUIDES: Don't use info drawer in iEye Captain to make changes to info for any programs that were entered using a program guide. All other functions are fine, but make changes to programs in EyeTV for the moment. Also, don’t worry if the input appears to be incorrect (especially for tvtv users). Do not try to correct it; it will not affect recording in EyeTV. If you can volunteer to help tes this, please do.
PROGRAM GUIDES: “I have to go in reload at home after entering any recording via TitanTV from work, then I have to edit each entry that is an EyeTV 200 one and change it to S-video and type in the external channel number, then it works. But I really want to automate the reloading and the channel selection somehow so I can do this more reliably.” NOTE: Version has a "Force Video Input" feature that can address this is some situations.
AUTO-TOAST: There is a spinning black ball once you initiate the export, that makes it look like iEye Captain is busy. It is not; just click anywhere in iEye Captain to resume whatever you were doing.
QUICK-EXPORT: If the Quicktime Mpeg-2 Playback Component is not installed, QuickExport may cause confusing results. It will let you export by any export type, but will appear to freeze when exporting Mpeg-2. You must activate EyeTV and confirm a dialog before the export will continue. This is necessary behavior, as activating EyeTV automatically does not allow bypassing EyeTV’s “Save” dialogs, a feature necessary to QuickExport.